Welcome to hogwarts. The year is 1385 and magic is around us all. But dont be afraid, because you are magic too.
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 The Knights in Training

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Celaena Nightingale


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PostSubject: The Knights in Training   Tue Dec 06, 2016 8:51 pm

It had only been a hundred years that the Knights took place in Hogwarts as it became more and more evident that Knights had magical powers due to falling in love with those they were sworn to protect. They were granted access to Hogwarts, but having been given a secret floor for their 'extra curricular'. It is known there are Knights in Training within the school, but it is highly assumed that they attend when on holiday from Hogwarts.

They actually have a floor in between third and fourth, right below the Headmaster's office. From the outside of the castle, the building doesn't reveal the extra floor but only if you know it's there. They reach this floor via the Eagle Statue that leads to the headmaster's office. It has two passwords, the one for the office, and the other password unlocks the passage towards the Knights Floor. It contains a common room, a bathroom for each gender and every classroom they require to take the final oath that allows them to work for a Royal Family, protecting them with their lives. Every Knight in Training is sorted into a house but they have the choice in staying in either the Knights Floor or their sorted common room.

Their daily schedule consists of Track at six am for an hour before they attend their classes. Here is the list of their classes;
Track - 6am
Hand to Hand Combat - 7am
Defence against the Dark Arts -8am
Destructive Magic Class -9am
Ancient Runes -10am
Lunch - 11am
Alchemy - 12am
Potions - 1pm
History of Magic and Knights - 2pm
Weaponry Class - 3pm
Spearing - 4pm
Charms - 5pm
Care of Magical Creatures - 6pm - Gets swapped with Transfiguration every other day.

They do not attend Astronomy due to the late hours but after these classes, they are encouraged to play Quidditch as it is a way of letting loose. They are also encouraged to drink wisely just to relax after their busy day.

Throughout the seven years of combined Hogwarts and Knight studies, they receive certain items to signify their status much like the Kung Fu black belts. Both genders would be given a ring, certain runes and crystals signify their status and the last year they receive a golden ring with a black gem in the middle where a rune that means Bond is hidden within the inky darkness.
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The Knights in Training
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