Welcome to hogwarts. The year is 1385 and magic is around us all. But dont be afraid, because you are magic too.
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Katlyn Morrowfell


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PostSubject: Katlyn Morrowfell   Mon Jan 23, 2017 8:13 pm

Katlyn Morrowfell

The Basics

Nicknames: Kyla / Kat
Age: 11
Blood Status: Halfblood
Status: Lower Class
Hometown: Village [United Kingdom]
Current Home: <TBA>
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual


Katlyn had dirty blonde hair, and bright green eyes to compliment herself; her hair goes all the way to neck and she usually keeps it short so it doesn't get tangled. Upon looking at the damsels, her nails would be shown lights amount of dirt; and has a scrawny stature to herself as her woman-like figure still hasn't developed. She had a staggering height of 4 '8', and weighed 67 pounds. Her clothing style was typical during the 1300's, a plain tunic that goes to her ankles, her tunic also has rips and tears appearing on the arms and the ankle parts of the tunic as well as dried dirt smothered on the tunic. On special days, she would also wear a bonnet on top of her head as well. Finally, Katyln would complement her style with simple leather shoes that she wore at all times.


Likes: Food, farming,
Dislikes: Bugs, Black Plague,
Strengths: Running, hiding, smiling <Divination>
Weaknesses: Reading, writing, physically weak, frustration, <Charms>

When meeting her she would most likely look confused, especially since it's her first year at Hogwarts...


Phillip Morrowfell (35)
Elizabeth Morrowfell (32)
Matthew Morrowfell (16)
Richard Morrowfell (14)
Katlyn Morrowfell (11)
Issabel Morrowfell (5)


Character History:

"When everythin' else fails, jus' pray te' GOD." Her Father always said as he tended the field with his wife, Elizabeth Morrowfell, her memories filled with Issabel as small her tears began to form. Elizabeth listened to Phillip and agreed with a nod. As they two began to continue their preaching a young girl continues to look into the pot of what she was preparing for the family. Pottage with cheese. She thought to herself with delight, her hands continue to stir the wooden spoon in the pot as a grin appears on her face. She always loved this meal, everything about it just smelled horrible, but when you've never had a bite in 15 hours, it was like treasure to the young girl, as she continue to cook, her Father bursts into the house with a dumbfounded look on his face, but before we continue with the story of Katlyn, lets go all the way back to her past when she was around 5-year-olds shall we?

In the year 1379, Katlyn began to learn the basics of reading, and writing from her village priest; she didn't know much about writing, or even reading for that matter, her speaking ability was atrocious and always spoke in an accent and pronunciation of words made her sound like a typical peasant. Her brothers continued to work with their Father as they learned the basics of farming and ways of being a servant as time seemed fit. As around the year 1382, her Father seemed displeased and decided that it was time for her brothers, Richard, and Matthew, to finally leave the nest as they would become apprentices in their crafts or trades whilst Katlyn learn the basics of cooking, cleaning, and husbandry. Oh, my I almost forgot, the relations! Oh yes, oh yes; her Father was always loving, and always liked to give a few jokes left and the right to the family but was dominate. He always gave the word, or I should say the Final word on all the decision the blonde was suppose to make and the duties of the family, however, he always enjoyed his two sons much more than Katlyn (as he believed that they would be the wizards of the family), but he still did show love to Katlyn. Her Mother always preferred Katlyn over the other boys as she could feel as though she related to Katlyn, well ever since Issabel died, things were never the same for Elizabeth, however, through hardships (and lots of praying) she overcame the death of Issabel and taught Katlyn as much as possible about being a woman.

"We must leave at once-" Her Father said, a brief pause as he looks at the pot, "Well once the food is finished." He'd say chuckling, the letter clenched tightly in his hand. After explaining everything about Hogwarts and magic Katlyn looked confused, she didn't understand what he was talking about and all these things like wands, or charms, house points? What even are these? After explaining everything he only had one rule about this idea of magic "Never tell anyone about Magic or anything about it to anyone." Still confused Katlyn gave a small nod, she still thought her Father was either crazy... or pulling a sick joke.

Family History:

Besides her Father being the only wizard in the family, the Morrowfell family was poor and did whatever they can for the lords and ladies of the land under the feudal system in place. They lived under basic culture in the late 1300's as Katlyn and her Family tended to farming duties and prayed to GOD, during sundays.

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Katlyn Morrowfell
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