Welcome to hogwarts. The year is 1385 and magic is around us all. But dont be afraid, because you are magic too.
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 Anastasia Blake

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Anastasia Blake

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PostSubject: Anastasia Blake   Tue Dec 20, 2016 7:44 am

First Middle Last Name
The Basics
Nicknames: Ana
Age: 19
Blood Status: Muggleborn
Status: Servant
Current Home:
Sexual Orientation:  Undetermined

Anastasia is a slight girl who is a little shorter than average. Her skin is pale, and a striking contrast to her long, dark hair. She often appears tired, as she spends early mornings and late evenings tending to her employers. Her family is poor, and as she sends much of her earnings to them she is not able to afford much in the way of clothing, and so her attire is usually old and worn.

Likes: The outdoors, friends, singing, the rain, and fresh bread.
Dislikes: Waste, the dark, uncleanliness, abusive people, and sunburn.
Strengths: Endurance, intelligent, resourceful, fast, and fit.
Weaknesses: Poor, physically weak, impulsive, defensive, and mistrustful.

Father: Ashford Blake, 54, farmer.
Mother: Alice Blake, 52, housewife.
Brothers: Seven Brothers

Character History:
Anastasia is the only daughter and second youngest child of eight. Although she was always considered very intelligent, the intention had been to have her marry someone as soon as she was old enough so that she was no longer a burden on the family. Anastasia had always accepted that this was the way things were, and spent much time with her mother learning to cook and sew while her brothers worked on the farm.

When she turned eleven years old, however, she was given the opportunity to attend a school, something that nobody in her village had ever done before. They had all been taught very basically by their mothers. The school was extremely unique and extremely hidden, and her family told their neighbours that she had been sent to live with relatives in the hopes of her finding a husband who was better off than they were.

When she finished at Hogwarts, after seven years of regular meals and a warm bed, she returned to her village for a short while. But hiding her magic was a struggle for her and she eventually left to find work, promising to send what she could to her family.

Family History:
Anastasia's family are muggles, who have always been rather poor and struggled to keep their home. The place that they live is a small farm, and their production of grain is the only thing that keeps food on the table.
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Celaena Nightingale


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PostSubject: Re: Anastasia Blake   Tue Dec 20, 2016 9:40 am

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Anastasia Blake
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