Welcome to hogwarts. The year is 1385 and magic is around us all. But dont be afraid, because you are magic too.
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Celaena Nightingale


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PostSubject: Celaena Nightingale    Sun Dec 04, 2016 8:07 pm

Celaena Nightingale
The Basics
Nicknames:Cel, Little Dove (father), Raven (For her Armor)
Status: Knight
Current Home:Hogwarts
Sexual Orientation:  Straight

Celaena has dark hair, almost midnight black and her eyes are dark brown, looking like molten gold whenever light hits it. She's slim, making her look delicate but underneath, she's muscular and ready for a fight. She likes to wear dark clothing, stretchy so she can run with ease but she also likes to wear some elements of armour; like gauntlets, chestplate  and other smaller items. She doesn't need to rely on them because she rarely gets hit. The only reasons she got her scars was because of her own clumsiness; the three long scars on her side being from when she fell on a sword rack. She has multiple rune like markings, an ancient magic only her family is capable of using and they give her certain attributes; stealth, invisibility etc. To activate these abilities, she must draw on them with a certain knife. They burn but she's gotten used to them, and now enjoys the pain she feels.

Celaena makes herself to look gentle because she's considered quite beautiful but really, she's a fiesty woman who isn't afraid to say what's on her mind. Something Knights should not do as they're supposed to mind their own business and only speak when spoken to. She has a really bad temper, honing her rage into strength and uses it to take down her enemy. She's the best Knight the Academy has had in 30 years and she's incredibly proud of this. She's intelligent as well, being a good strategist and being able to solve problems with ease. She loves free running as well, liking the way it makes her feel like she has wings. She's brave and strong hearted, knowing she'd give her life to protect those she loves and those she works for. She does enjoy pain, loving the battleground as she can get as bloodthirsty as she wants and not be ashamed of it. Despite all these brutish qualities, she does enjoy dressing up all pretty but only for certain occasions.

Celaena's mother had passed away when Celaena was born but she knew her name was Valentina and she was a beautiful woman, enchanting her father. Her father's name is Caspian, being the United Kingdom's Captain of the King's Guard which is something he's incredibly proud of. However, it often annoys Celaena because of how much she's compared to him.

Character History:
Celaena's birth was unfortunate because it led to the death of Valentina Nightingale, her mother. She was born into a wealthy family, her father being the captain of the King's Guard and this allowed her to have access to the kingdom and to the royal family. This is why she is now on the list to become the Royal Family's personal Guard once she's finished in Hogwarts. She started training at a very young age, from the moment she could walk really and she loved every second of it.

When she turned eleven, she was invited to attend Hogwarts and immediately agreed, hoping to be able to use her magic as a weapon. She wasn't there for friends and would often pull herself away from other people, only being close to one person, Chaol. She has feelings for him but refuses to act on it, wanting to work first before she does more in her personal life.

Celaena is now in her last year and she's looking forward to it, getting increasingly more nervous about the outside world because of the tense atmosphere the Druids were emitting. She was friendly with them, smuggling a great amount of resources to the town to form a alliance between the United Kingdom's Royal Family and the Druids. From the way they've acted towards her, she knows that the alliance would not be there if it wasn't for her because they like her.

Family History:
The Nightingale's family has always been Knights or Lords and Ladies to the Royal Family of England which has formed an everlasting friendship between them, making Celaena quite protective over them and most likely to become the personal Guard, if it weren't for another family friend also trying to become it. There is also a mix of alchemists within the family, having taught Celaena and she's a great potion and poison creator.
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Celaena Nightingale
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