Welcome to hogwarts. The year is 1385 and magic is around us all. But dont be afraid, because you are magic too.
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 Welcome to Hogwarts: Medieval Era! - Rules

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Elizabeth Carter

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PostSubject: Welcome to Hogwarts: Medieval Era! - Rules   Sat Dec 03, 2016 12:15 pm

In this post, we will go over rules and just the general welcoming of you all to our little family.

Our founder and head admin is Sydney; Her main character is Elizabeth Carter and if you require anything from her, please send her and her other characters a quick message. There will definitely be a member list about.

The other admin is me, Annie. If you have any questions, comments and concerns, feel free to contact me. My characters will also be listed about on the member list. If we do not get back to you immediately, please do remember time zones, the possibility of our busy lives and be patient. We will get back to you eventually.


Be warned, there is danger afoot but the knights of Hogwarts and their beloved Kingdoms are here to help. Just follow these rules and you'll surely be safe.

All accounts should be the character first and last name, starting with capitals. (eg. Harry Potter, rather than harry potter or HarryPotter)

Minimum words for a post must be over fifty.

Violence, swearing and other adult themes are allowed within reason, though they will require a rating to be added to the title of the thread.

The chatbox is there for enjoyment and communication for those who are not willing, or comfortable, sharing out their personal details. If there are any problems occuring in the chatbox and there is no admin present, please copy and paste the conversation in a PM to an admin so that the issue can be dealt with.

You cannot control a handler's character. You are also not allowed to make decisions that will impact another person's character without discussing it with them, and gaining permission. This includes, but is not limited to, pregnancy, mate bonds, serious injury or death.

Stay true to your characters. They are yours, and you should feel comfortable allowing them to follow the roleplay where it takes them. Do not let other members guilt you into anything or make you feel like you should do something.

Harassment of our members will not be tolerated. If you would like for someone to roleplay with you, then it's okay t ask, but if they decline or say they are busy, then you should let it be. If somebody owes you a post, it is acceptable to send them a polite PM a week after your last post to remind them about the thread. If somebody has posted in the absence thread, then expect them not to post. If they do post, then consider it a post even if it is not to you. You are never allowed to ask on the forums or in the chatbox why someone is away unless they have opened to conversation.

Any violations of this will be considered harassment and you will be given a warning, followed by further discipline for further infractions.

But other than these, please do have fun!

Thank you for reading,

Hogwarts Medieval Admin Team!
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Welcome to Hogwarts: Medieval Era! - Rules
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